Boomer Tech, Plenty of Tech and TEK at AARP Life@50+ Boston

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Boston is a tech town – and AARP’s Boston event was tech-enabled.   I spent most of my decades in Beantown. They were great years, great tech jobs, in which I discovered the MBTA and Green Line, baseball, Legal Seafood chowdah and Route 128 traffic. So it was great to see the bi-annual AARP event held there -- and get a chance to return. This event was notable for its Washington-Post sponsored Booming Tech event. But it also offered the latest in its great series of AARP TEK training sessions for attendees – a recent-years innovation from AARP that has taken hundreds of older adults through tablet and smart phone training sessions, where they sit shoulder-to-shoulder with 4H volunteers who help them navigate their way around the devices.

Technology is all around this event. Attendees from Boston’s tech community found more tech to discover and connect with around the show  floor. Health Innovation@50+ exhibitors and LivePitch, the Tech pavilion and sponsors, technology talks – by folks like MIT Age Lab’s Joseph Coughlin (high energy, positive about tech and boomers), PJ O’Rourke (dry and sardonic about tech unfriendliness and his satiric book about boomers)  and much more. The next AARP event will be in San Diego in the fall.  This is a unique opportunity for tech exhibitors and startups from those areas to get their exhibits and various pitches together – there are  very few other events in the US that attract such a large older adult audience.

Who were finalists for the LivePitch? Facilitated by Lisa Suennen, an ex-VC now with her own consulting venture -- Venture Valkyrie, the winners were Lift Labs (adaptive equipment for eating) and Careticker (a platform for rewarding caregivers).  So here are the finalists’ details --All information is from firms’ websites.

  • Accel Diagnostics. “Our pScreen™ device only requires a drop of body fluid, such as blood, saliva or urine. The highly sensitive immunoassay detects and quantifies biomarkers within minutes. It provides results that are comparable in accuracy to the ELISA and other laboratory-performed tests. Severe and chronic illnesses can be identified and monitored quickly and efficiently.” Learn more at Accel Diagnostics.
  • BiiSafe. “BiiSafe Buddy, winner of product design Red Dot Award 2014, is a stylish smartphone accessory to enhance your and your loved ones’ safety. It can also help you to keep track of and find precious belongings, such as keys or wallet.” Learn more at
  • Careticker. “Careticker is a caregiver engagement platform that enables managed Medicaid plans, dual eligible payers and accountable care organizations to engage, incentivize and reward their covered members’ primary family caregiver for providing quality care to their loved ones.”  Learn more at
  • HealthSpek. “Healthspek enables you to manage all personal and family health information in one secure place from multiple devices. myDashboard helps you track medications, vitals and access care. With myInbox, you receive your medical records. allows doctors to access your chart from anywhere.” Learn more at
  • Just. “Just’s mobile app helps you to upload your medical bills and related documents like the medical records, insurance, etc. The documents are redacted to protect privacy. We use machine learning algorithms and a community of expert billing advocates to analyze bills for errors. The advocates negotiate with providers/insurance companies to resolve errors and help save your money.” Learn more at
  • Lift Labs. “Liftware is designed for individuals’ affected tremors caused by Essential Tremor or Parkinson’s Disease. The smart device can tell the difference from intended to unintended tremor. If there is a tremor, Liftware will move an attached utensil in the opposite direction of the motion to cancel it out.” Learn more at
  • Pixie Scientific. “Pixie Scientific is developing disposable incontinence briefs that, in conjunction with a smartphone app, screen for onset of nutrition and health problems. Our first product screens for urinary tract infections.” Learn more at
  • Sway Medical. “Sway is a medical software company building regulated mobile software solutions that utilize the existing sensors in a mobile device for clinical and at-home screening of balance and neurological conditions with nothing more than the mobile device you already own.” Learn more at
  • TalkSession. “TalkSession is a telemedicine platform aimed to increase access to mental healthcare by leveraging last minute cancellations and no-shows. TalkSessions’s platform isolates mental healthcare providers’ availabilities and connects patients via secure mobile video on any browser-enabled device.” Learn more at
  • Zansors. “Zansors combines science and technology to create tools that help you know yourself. Our sleep sensor makes it easy for you to collect your personal health decisions with much greater clarity, accuracy and relevancy.” Learn more at